DAO Governance made simple

No Rugs Anymore

With our tools, DAOs can be more efficient and the stake holders' rights can be protected as much as possible.

Secure DAO Treasury via on-chain voting.

When significant amounts of money are at stake
Smart contract controlled treasury offer a reliable and transparent solution.

Smart Contract Controlled Treasury

No one can move the money out of the treasury without voting.

We've already seen so many rugs, let's learn something from it and make use of the smart contract to protect our assets.

Task Management

Never lose track of the goal of the DAO.

We will provide this feature so that every stakeholder will know how things are going in the DAO. And, of course, it will be AI-powered.


DAO serves as the cornerstone of the chain economy. We'll make it as much composable as possible.

Our goal is to maximize its composability, enabling seamless integration and interoperability with other blockchain-based systems and protocols.